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Discussie: Diverse titels (Criterion, Eureka, MOC etc)

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    Standaard Diverse titels (Criterion, Eureka, MOC etc)

    Diverse DVDs aangeboden. Alles in topstaat. Boxsets zijn vaak enkel aan de zijkant opengesneden.

    bij vragen: pm. verzendkosten koper.


    The French Connection / The French Connection II (R2NL, 3xDVD) 10,00

    The Conversation (Coppola, R2 with subs) 5,00

    To Kill A Mockingbird (R2NL 2xDVD) 8,00

    Being There (R2NL) 5,00

    Porte Aperte (A- Film Italiaanse Meesters R2NL) 6,00

    The Warriors – directors cut (Walter Hill, R2 with subs) 6,50

    Cool Hand Luke (R2NL) 5,00

    Dog Day Afternoon (R2NL 2x DVD) sealed 7,50

    The Maltese Falcon) R2NL, 2x DVD) sealed 7.50

    Fargo (Coen Bros, R2NL) 5,00

    Citizen Kane (R2NL, 2x DVD) 8,50

    Fahrenheit 9/11 (R2NL 2x DVD) sealed 5,00

    Kramer vs Kramer (R2NL) 4,00

    Lawrence Of Arabia (R2NL 2x DVD) 6,00

    Raging Bull- ultimate edition (R2NL 2x DVD) 7,00

    Modern Times (Chaplin, R2NL 2x DVD) sealed 6,00

    Pas sur la Bouche (Resnais, R2NL) 4,00

    Festen (Vinterberg, R2NL) 4,50

    Man Bites Dog (R2 with subs) sealed 5,00

    Dad Boot- extended version (R2NL 2xDVD, met fotoset) 10,00

    Taxi Driver- columbia classics (R2NL, 2xDVD met filmcell) 8,00

    Unbearable Lightness of Being (R2 with subs, 2x DVD) 7,00

    Sous Le Sable (Ozon, R2NL) Sealed 5,00

    FOX NOIR CLASSICS (R2NL) 17,50 tezamen

    Thieves Highway (Jules Dasin)

    Somewhere in the Night (Mankiewich)

    The Street With No Name (Keighly)

    The Dark Corner (Hathaway)

    FOX STUDIO CLASSICS (R2NL) 13,50 tezamen
    Swamp Water (Renoir)

    The Anniversary (Baker)

    Lady In Cement (Douglas)

    The Razor’s Edge (Goulding)


    The Postman Always Rings Twice (Garnett) 5,00

    Operation Pacific w/ Wayne (Waggner) 5,00

    Mogambo (Ford) 5,00

    Objective Burma (Walsh) 5,00

    Night & Day (Curtiz) 5,00

    High Society (Walters) 5,00

    3 Godfathers (Ford) 5,00

    The Sea Chase w/ Wayne (Farrow) 5,00

    The Blood Alley w/ Wayne (Wellman) 5,00

    Moonfleet (F. Lang) 7,00

    Bad Day At Black Rock (J. Sturges) 7,00


    Crossing Borders (Blank) 5,00

    The Robber Symphony (Feher) 5,00


    Vrouw Zonder Gezicht (Ingmar Bergman series) 5,00


    The Hidden Fortress (Kurosawa) 10,00

    Red Desert (Antonioni) BLU RAY, (sealed) 8,00


    The End Of St. Petersburg (Pudvoskin, 1927) 6,50

    Flesh And Fury (Pevney, 1952) 6,50


    Francesco Guillare di Dio (Rossellini) 10,00

    The Savage Innocents (Ray) 16,00

    Nosferatu (Murnau) sealed 10,00

    Spione (F. Lang) 12,50

    La Gueule Ouverte (M. Pialat) 2xDVD 10,00

    Metropolis (F. Lang) Dual Format steelbook BLU RAY + DVD sealed 25,00


    Platform (Jia Zhang-ke) 7,00

    Unknown Pleasures/Xiao Wu (Jia Zhang-ke) 2xDVD 10,00

    Japon (Reygadas) 8,00

    Minor Mishaps (Olesen) 8,00

    La Ville est Tranquille (R. Guediguian) 8,00

    Tickets (Olmi, Kiarostami, Ken Loach) 8,00

    Whisky (Rebella, Stol l) 9,00

    Water Drops On Burning Rocks (Ozon) 9,00

    Trial Of Joan of Arc (Bresson) sealed 9,00

    Via Savoir (Rivette) 9,00

    Do You Remember Dolly Bell (Emir Kusturica) 8,00

    Mirror (Tarkovksy) 12,50

    Merci Pour le Chocolat (Chabrol) 9,00

    The Barbarian Invasions (Arcand) 8,50

    Kings & Queens (Desplechin) 8,00

    Comedie de I’Innocence (Ruiz) 8,00

    Taste Of Cherry / 10 on 10 (Kiarostami) 2xDVD sealed 11,00

    Dekalog 1 to 5 (Kieslowski) 2x DVD sealed +

    Dekalog 1 to 5 (Kieslowski) 2x DVD sealed, samen 28,00


    The Royal Tenenbaums, 2 disc (Anderson) 9,00

    The White Sheik (Fellini) OOP 15,00

    Spellbound (Hitchcock) OOP 25,00

    The Harder They Come (Henzell) OOP 17,50

    Ivan's Childhood (tarkovsky) 17,50

    The Last Temptation of Christ (Scorsese) 15,00

    Les Dames du Bois Boulogne (Bresson) 14,00

    Boudu Saves From Drowning (Renoir) 14,00

    I Am Curious Yellow + Blue (Sjoman) samen 20,00

    Les Enfants Terribles (Melville) 17,00

    Yojimbo + Sanjuro (Kurosawa) samen 25,00

    Fires On The Plain (Ichikawa) 16,50

    (The Complete) Mr. Arkadin 3xDVD (Welles) 25,00

    The Man Who Fell To Earth 2xDVD + Book (Roeg) 22,00

    Army Of Shadows (Melville) 2xDVD SEALED 15.00

    Made In USA (Godard) 16,00


    CHARLES CHAPLIN collection WB 9x DVD (R2NL): Modern Times, City Lights, The Gold Rush, The Great Dictator en erg veel mooie extras in een prachtige digi-pack box! 30,-

    STANLEY KUBRICK MGM 3xDVD: The Killing, Killer’s Kiss, Paths Of Glory 10,00

    RENOIR Lionsgate 3xDVD: Whirlpool Of Fate, Nana, Charleston Parade, The Little Match Girl, La Marseillaise, the Doctor’s Ho rrible Expiriment, The Elusive Corporal, (R1) 16,50

    ROMERO Triology of the Dead 4xDVD: Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead 10,00

    ROBERT DE NIRO box. Warner Bros (5x DVD, UK import): Heat, The Mission, This Boy’s Life, Goodfellas, City By The Sea 5,00

    DUNE (Lynch, collector’s edition tinbox, 3x DVD set), AUS import 10,00

    JEAN PAUL BELMONDO 4x DVD snapcases (R2NL): The Guignolo, Hunter Will Get You, The Pariah, Swords Of Blood 7,00

    GODARD universal collectie (R2NL 14x DVD): A Bout du Souffle, Une Femme est Une Femme, Le Mépris, Pierrot le Fou, Le Petit Soldat, Made in U.S.A., Alphaville, Prénom Carmen, Le Détective, Passion, Hélas pour moi, Godard Encore: Exclusive Bonus Disc met interviews, korte films en documentaires over Jean-Luc Godard's werk. SEALED 30,00

    HITCHCOCK universal collectie: (R2NL 14x DVD) The Birds, Family Plot, Frenzy, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Marnie, Rear Window, Sa boteur, Shadow Of A Doubt, Topaz, Torn Curtain, The Trouble With Harry, Rope, Vertigo, Psycho SEALED 22,50

    JEAN-PIERE MELVILLE collection (R2, 6x DVD): Bob le Flambeur, Leon Morin, pretre, Le Doulous, Army Of Shadows, Le Cercle Rouge, Un Flic 20,00

    POWELL & PRESSBURGER Collection (R2 with subs, 11x DVD): A Matter Of Life & death, The Red Shoes, The Life & death Of Colonel Blimp, A Canterbury Tale, I Know Where I’m Going, 49th Paralel, Battle of the River Plate, Ill met by Moonlight, They’re a Weird Mob, The Tales Of Hoffman, Black Narcissus 20,00

    DAVID LEAN centenary collection (R2 with subs, 10x DVD): Brief Encounter, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, Blithe Spirit, In Which We Serve, Madeleine, Hobson’s Choice, The Sound Barrier, The Passionate Friends, This Happy Breed 22,50

    STANLEY KUBRICK collection (R2 with subs, 10x DVD):
    2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut, SK: A Li fe in Pictures 20,00

    MICHAEL HANEKE collection (r2nl):
    La Pianiste, Code Inconnu, Funny Games 12,50

    ROMAN POLANSKI collection (r2 3xdvd):
    Rosemary’s Baby, The Tenant, Chinatown 10,00

    ORSON WELLES collectie (r2nl 3xdvd):
    The Third Man, The Trial, Touch Of Evil. SEALED 11,00

    MICHEL GONDRY (r2nl 2xDVD):
    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Science Of Sleep 5,00

    COEN Brothers collection (R2 with subs 4xDVD):
    The Big Lebowski, Hudsucker Proxy, Barton Fink, Blood Simple 10,00
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    Standaard metropolis

    Hallo, is de boxset van metropolis nog te koop?

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    De verkoper is al ruim een maand niet meer online geweest, dus wellicht is een PM sturen het beste
    Jeff: Why would a man leave his apartment three times on a rainy night with a suitcase and come back three times?
    Lisa: He likes the way his wife welcomes him home.

    Rear Window - Alfred Hitchcock

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